Vietnam War Protests

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Vietnam War Protests Introduction How the Americans Got Involved During the Cold War, American political leadership was determined to slow the spread of communism wherever it could be slowed. The policy that American leadership followed (The Domino Theory) was that if the communists took over one country, the countries around that nation would soon fall to the communists, like dominos. Hence, communism needed to be stopped. President Dwight Eisenhower initially sent some advisors (an estimated group of 700 military personnel) to help train the South Vietnamese troops to be able to defend themselves against aggression from the North Vietnamese communists. President John F. Kennedy continued sending "advisors" and other military personnel to South Vietnam (John Kennedy Presidential Library). After the assassination of President Kennedy President Lyndon Johnson used an alleged attack on a U.S. Navy ship in the Gulf of Tonkin to justify ordering massive amounts of American troops into South Vietnam to fight the North Vietnamese communists and Viet Cong who were coming down from the North. At one time there were 500,000 U.S. troops in Vietnam and the death toll some weeks (shown on television, along with images of the bloody fighting) added up to hundreds. Americans (especially young people) began to demonstrate against the war in the streets (Chandler, 2004). Part of the anger from young people who could be drafted at the age of 18 (hundreds of thousands of young men
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