Vietnam and The Cold War Essay

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Vietnam and The Cold War

It is impossible to accurately describe the major events that occurred during the cold war without mentioning the war in Vietnam. From its start, this war has been very controversial concerning its purposes and effects on the countries involved. Both sides of this war lost a great number of soldiers and most of these men and women were not even sure why they were fighting. To this day, there is still a lot of uncertainty about the events that took place during this heated time in south Asia. One of the biggest questions raised is why the United States felt it was their responsibility to ever got involved and what were they trying to gain by sending in their troops. A look at the history of the cold war and
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From the beginning of his term, Diem felt that North Vietnam was planning to forcefully take over South Vietnam. Diem began to arrest anyone who was suspected of being a Communist. Soon after, North Vietnam began attempting to reunify Vietnam through political means, and not through the use of violence. After this proved to be an unsuccessful attempt, North Vietnam and the Communist Party finally approved the use of violence to overthrow Ngo Dinh Diems government. The National Liberation Front (NLF) was thus developed by the Communists, allowing anyone who was against Diem and for the unification of Vietnam to join to join their alliance.

After noticing that South Vietnam was on shaky ground, President Kennedy decided to send in a limited number of troops to aid Diem and his government. However, Diem began to lose popularity among his people and eventually he and his brother were assassinated. Three weeks after the deaths of these two leaders, President Kennedy was assassinated. President Lyndon B. Johnson decided more action needed to be taken in South Vietnam and, after two U.S. ships were destroyed in the Gulf on Tonkin, Johnson and his administration began to order air attacks upon the North Vietnamese (the U.S. referred to them as the "Vietcong"). Soon afterwards, the NLF attacked two U.S. army installations in South Vietnam and, as a result, Johnson orders bombing missions

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