Essay on Vietnam and the Indochina Wars

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The South East Asian country Vietnam became a Cold War battleground for the Second Indochina war which involved both the US and Russia’s interests. Once again it was the Capitalist struggle against Communism. The Vietnam War was a direct result of the USSR’s and China’s communist presence and pressure. America feared a chain reaction was occurring among the other Asian countries that made them change to communism one by one. America wanted to prevent this from occurring and that is why they were so quick to help the South combat the Communist North. In the end however, their attempts were fruitless for they were unable to overthrow or prevent the spread of communism through all of Vietnam. The roots of the Vietnam War started after the…show more content…
The “Domino Effect” was a theory by US politicians that because of Russia and China’s pressure and power that all of Asia would follow suit in becoming communist one by one. Kennedy believed that if they could stop this from occurring in Vietnam that they would be able to stop all of Asia from turning to communism for they would have broken the chain. Therefore, they end up sending around 17000 military advisors to the Republic of Vietnam to aid the ARVN in combatting the Vietcong. They were to strategize and help train the ARVN but they ended up leading jobs more as commanders during missions and being in direct combat. After Kennedy’s death, the support from America increased even more to the point where in 1964 they started sending marines to cause some real damage and to help protect the already stationed advisors and fighter bombers in the South. These numbers kept increasing until 1968 where around 500,000 US marines were in South Vietnam. Although America had these high numbers they were still unable to defeat the Vietcong and the North. With all these American marines and the growing number of deaths among the Vietcong the North started becoming restless and decided to go on the offensive. On the Tet, a holiday in Vietnam, the North and Vietcong launched a massive attack on 36
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