Vietnam in the Beginning: Literature Review

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Vietnam was a poor country and very passive except in the north where a leader known as Ho Chi Mihn converted and taught his people about communism. So upon seeing this action the United States intervened to keep the South Vietnamese from the persecution from the North Vietnamese, and to keep them from communism. Was this the right answer yes or no!

Dolan, Edward. MIA: Missing in Action. Franklin Watts.New York 1989.

Peace talks filled the room in Paris, France. The United States and the North Vietnamese sat their deliberating talks trying to come to a peaceful negotiation, but these talks would always end up in a shouting match, and the issue at hand would not come to a close (Dolan 27). Richard Nixon went along a different
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The people of the south were more into going to work getting higher paying jobs to support their families in these hard times (Hosmer 53). This was one contributing factor of why the South Vietnamese needed to get assistance from the United States of America to help them protect their semi-freedom, which they were holding on to desperately. The loss of Phuoc Long was also a huge turning point in the Vietnam era. Phuoc Long was one of the best cities that the south had (Hosmer 159). After its loss the ranks were weakened and it took a great psychological toll on the South
Vietnamese the loss of this city marked the disintegration of the South Vietnamese (Hosmer 160). This book is strong in the political criteria that it shows the falls and the reasons for United States intervention into this conflict. This reference also gives the reader insight on why the South Vietnamese needed help because of their views, and their current political affiliation, which was that of a semi-dictatorship.

Isaacs, Arnold. Vietnam Shadows: The War, Its Ghosts, and Its Legacy. The Johns Hopkins University Press. Baltimore 1997.

President Johnson gives the reason why the United States is in Vietnam. His answer that he gives is always the same if you asked him once twice or even three times, "We must do what we are doing to honor our commitments we have made to the Vietnamese people ever since 1954"
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