Essay on Vietnamese Americans

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The following paper will discuss Vietnamese Americans and their journey to America. I will talk about how these incredible and resilient people fought to succeed it a world that seemed to hold the odds against them. The culture, beliefs, and challenges of Vietnamese people are a precise paradigm of their strength and perseverance.

Unfortunately, Vietnamese Americans make up only a small percent of the total American Population today. There are many stereotypes associated with the Vietnamese, but the truth is, we really know very little about their culture. After the Viet Nam War, many Vietnamese citizens immigrated to the United States to escape political Prosecution and poverty. Faced with a variety of obstacles and
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The act was implemented in 1989 and called The Vietnamese Amerasian Homecoming Act. Amerasian is a term used to describe children of Vietnamese mothers and American fathers (or vice versa). Enabling approximately 25,000 Amerasian children into the country with their immediate families, the act allowed over 77,000 Vietnamese immigrants into the United States. Overall, between 1981 and 2000, over 531,000 Vietnamese citizens, voluntarily immigrated to the United States and were accepted. Although the United States progressively allowed more Vietnamese immigrants into the country, if there were never limits to the number of legal refuges, tens of thousands of lives may have been spared.
Currently, the United States continues to limit the number of immigrants permitted to enter the country. Politicians are even trying to upgrade the charge to a felony offense if immigrants are caught entering the United Sates illegally. The interesting part of this phenomenon is that the only people who are native to America are the Native American Indians. Other than that, everyone's family had immigrated to America at some point. Having said that, maybe we should be more forthcoming when trying to pass a law by stating that now, since our family is already here, we should start to limit the number of new immigrants that enter. I find the hypocrisy of our government to somewhat overwhelming.
At this point, the American people
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