Vietnamese Families Experience Essay

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As a little girl born in Vietnam and having grown up in poverty, I can understand the struggles that many other unprivileged Vietnamese families experience. At a young age my family and I immigrated to the United States for a better life. My parents have always put their best efforts into educating my siblings and I about the importance of giving back to the community. Growing up in a foreign environment, I was able to distinguish and grasp the opportunities I would have missed out on if I had not immigrated to the U.S. My background inspired me to aid those who I would have possibly been in the same shoes if I wasn’t as fortunate to have immigrated. This community service trip to me was not only a bucket list wish I had wished to accomplish, but it as well allowed …show more content…

They taught me that the joy that came from giving to those less fortunate than me was more valuable than that of receiving. As I volunteer alongside of the other participants we gain knowledge of the Vietnamese culture and learn that sometimes those that I help might have either a very different or similar background compare to mine but volunteering will lead to the connection that are needed to be made in order to have productive teamwork. The trip had allowed me to expand my Vietnamese diction, and taught me how to build a house all experience that I would had missed out on if it wasn’t for volunteering on this program. The most memorable part of this trip was teaching the kids English. Afterwards when they thank me and told me that my ability to speak both language made it easier for them to learn. The fact that I was able to use my talents to assist others made me feel a sense of pride and accomplishment inside. I would confidently tell other young youth that from this trip I had learned by making a difference in another person’s life is making a difference in your own

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