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Different Types of Vietnamese Foods
Tinh Nguyen
Nufs 144
29 September 2014

Different Types of Vietnamese Foods It is amazing how diverse the various types of culture can be. From country to country, even down to the different states and regions within the same nation. Culture is said to have five basic characteristics; it is learned, it is has symbolic structure, it is shared, and it has the ability to adapt. It is a system consisting of variables that constitute a rational way of life (Vien, 2003). A change in social environments results in a change in culture as well, which is why Vietnam has three different regions. Many times, food is a factor that differentiates cultures from various areas. Within
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Each region is known to have its own specialty dishes that were influenced by its surrounding environment. Climate plays a huge factor in foods that are popular amongst these areas. Climate affects the food in several ways, such as direct effects production of crops, which leads to food supply (Gregory, Ingram, & Brklacich, 2005). Each of these groups has its own distinctive culture and is associated with a specific environmental setting (Vien, 2003). Also, another factor to consider on the different types of food from each region is the influences from the neighboring countries. The first region is North Vietnam; Bac Bo. China influences many of Bac Bo’s dishes. That’s why many of the dishes tend to be more stir fried and include egg rolls, soy sauce and MSG (Destination, 2014). Their dishes tend to have delicate flavors. The weather in North Vietnam is a bit colder; therefore they cannot grow much herbs and spices (Destinations, 2014). Their dishes have less vegetables, fish and meats compare to other areas in Vietnam (Destinations, 2014). Since they don’t cook with chilies, use black pepper and they use less sugar in their dishes. A popular dish that originated from Bac Bo is Banh Cuon. Banh Cuon is a paper-thin rice pancake rolled with ground pork and mushrooms with a side of dipping sauce with herbs and sausages.
Southern Vietnam, Nam Bo, is also hugely influenced by China. However, influences from India, France, and Thai have also made an impact on
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