Vietnamese Immigration into the United States

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According to the 2010 United States Census, California has the largest Vietnamese population of 581,946 in the United States. Before 1975 there were very few Vietnamese living in the United States. After the Vietnam War and the fall of Saigon in 1975, many Vietnamese refugees fled Vietnam resulting in three major waves of immigration. The first and second waves of immigration played a major role in Vietnamese refugees resettling in California. The last wave in the 1990s centered on family reunification. Since the 1970s, Vietnamese people escaping communist rule immigrated to the United States. Later they relocated to California hoping to start a life with many new opportunities. Attracted to California because of its clean environment, in turn they also influenced California’s agriculture.
Before the first wave of migration, the United States took part in the Vietnam War which started the first wave of immigration. For over centuries, Vietnam was under Chinese and French controls. After World War II, the French withdrew from Vietnam and American troops entered with a request from the South Vietnamese government; who asked for American support and interest against the North communist. At the time, the Northern region of Vietnam was a communist party. In addition, the United States agreed and declared that they had to fight against communist power. As a result, many violent Anti-Vietnam War protests went throughout the United States because many people opposed to the United
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