View From Saturday Summary

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In the Book, View from Saturday, author EL Konigsburg writes about four sixth graders on their way to success, and the choices of friendship and courage they made along the way. People in real life can learn great things from them, and succeed later on in life. This first choice determined the fate of Noah, Naudia, Ethan, and Julian, otherwise known as the souls, and it wasn’t made by any of them! This first choice was made by their beloved teacher and friend, Mrs. Eva Marie Olinski. It was her choice that brought the souls officially together. This decision would have ended in either winning the state championship, or losing the trust of the souls. It was the choice of the team that brought the souls full circle. The second choice of hers…show more content…
When Naudia went to go help the turtles, she saved lives out of kindness. When Ethan went to walk with Julian, he saved him from being further harassed by Michael Froelich. When Julian gave the dog treats to Knapp’s Mom, he saved Arnold from being sedated. Noah took the place of a best man and gave away his belongings to save a wedding. These choices helped determine the future of the souls, and Mrs Olinski. When Mrs. Eva Marie Olinski was asked to explain how she chose the souls, She doesn’t really give an answer. When the Commissioner asked her how, she said, “the team's skills blend together like a chorus” it describes the team, but doesn’t tell how. How she did choose them, unlike the other teachers’ competitions, was she elected them, which is how Ham Knapp got into the program. In another case, she was talking to the principal, was asked, and did another sidestep. As you can see, choices help determine our future; the better choices you make, the better your life will be. In real life, you can make a difference in someone else’s life by helping them make better choices. And even if the choice is gummy bears or chocolate, I know that you will make the better
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