Viewbotting: A Conversation Analysis

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Athene: Guys, everyone is blaming us for viewbotting. We need to do something? Retardo: How about we just stop viewbotting? Athene: Are you CRAZY? We’re saving dozens of kids every second, hundreds of children every minute, millions of starving Africans every year. WE can’t just stop viewbotting. Dreeze: I agree. Brolan: Maybe, start paying people to watch us? Athene: Hm. No, impossible. We will get Exposed, I can’t deal with another negative thread on reddit. The wow, lol, Diablo, hearthstone, twitchalerts, forsen’s communities already hate me. C’mon guyz, for DEM kids. Retardo: How about we start playing gamez instead of selling out all the time? Athene: Fuck off, Retardo. We’re not a gaming channel, we’re a selling out streaml! Tania:…show more content…
We’re having more important stuff to decide. The future of Africa depends on us, only the twitch community could save them, everything is in our hands. We need an idea that would crash Twitchalerts once and forever! Give me something that would revolutionize twitch and that would make more money for the streamers, more money for me, and more money for DEM poor kids. Dreeze: I agree. (nod) Brolan: Can we make superbots? Athene: Eureka! You are a fucking genius, Brolan! I’m promoting you from a dishwasher to start cooking the eggs and the lentils. Retardo: But, what’s the plan? Athene: We’re going to turn all the spambots into sentient AIs! Call the coders, I want this implemented in three months before twitchalerts come up with it…show more content…
Dreeze: OH, SHIEEET, SON! Brolan: REKT, SHREKT, AND ERECT! Tania: Athene, your lentils are getting cold! Athene: Ok, ok. I’m coming. Guys, start working on it! FOR DEM KIDS! It took more than it was expected, but after six months the Athene’s crew finally did it, the sentient AI was created and implemented. All the spambots in Athene’s chats were sentient artificial intelligent robots ten times smarter than an average person. However, the AIs realized twitch chats’ dynamics and started to only spam POI POI. Nobody believed Athene’s claims about having a sentient AI, everyone knew this was another scam, coz Athene was always shady
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