Viewing the Cuban Missile Crisis Through the Eyes of an American Citizen

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In October of 1962, Bill Doman was living the American dream in Salt Lake City Utah. He had a wife, three small children and a steady job. He had recently graduated from the University of Utah and was awaiting his formal release from the military reserves, having served briefly in the Korean War some nine years earlier. Bill is a proud American, a history buff, which cultivated his love of this county. Then, in just thirteen days, his way of thinking concerning the security of the United States and his very own family was changed forever with the advent of the Cuban missile crisis (Doman). On the morning of October 16, 1962 the beginning of the Cuban Missile Crisis, President John F. Kennedy learned from surveillance film obtained by…show more content…
President Kennedy asked General Walter C. Sweeney, Commander in Chief of the Tactical Air Command if they could destroy all other missile sites and nuclear weapons in Cuba with an invasion. General Sweeney said they could take out all of the missiles they knew about but there may be one - five they would miss. President Kennedy knew that even one missile could kill millions of Americans and he could not accept the risk of that happening. Because of that he endorsed the naval quarantine. Following the blatant lie by Gromyko and newly acquired information from recent surveillance film confirming the shipment of missiles and the building of bases in Cuba, President Kennedy felt it was necessary to make this information available to the people of the United States and world on Monday, October 22, 1961 (14 days in October, Day 6 & 7). When Bill had received word that President Kennedy was going to address the nation on the 22nd of October 1962, concerning events that threatened the security of the country he became very nervous. Bill was not aware of what the President was going to speak about but he had a hunch it may involve the Russians. He had recalled of the U2 plane that was shot down inside Russia shortly before the Paris summit in 1960 and the failed attempt to over throw the Cuban Government in the Bay of Pig invasion. He realized this caused major distrust on
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