Viewpoints On Sociological Views And Definitions Of Sex And Gender

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3. Address (1) Definitions of Sex and Gender (2.) Historical views, religious views, & sociological views on gender (3.) Viewpoints on functionalist & conflict theory on gender inequality Understanding that sex and gender are two separate classifications is important. Sex can be used to refer to “...the physical and biological differences between men and women” (Tischler, 2014, P.259). Things like breast, testicals, the ability to give birth are a few physical and biological differences that do in fact separate men from women. Gender is used to allude to the social and psychological aspects of what defines a man from a woman. What is socially appropriate for a woman to do, such as wear a dress, is not socially acceptable for a man to do. In most societies, the sex and gender should line up, as in men act like men and women act like women, however someone feelings of how to act may differ from what behavior is expected from someone of their sex. The historical views on gender differ from how our society, and societies around the world, view gender. The treatment of women has improved in many societies throughout history. Different religions vary in their views on gender, however the majority of them see men as being superior to women. Christianity views men as spiritually superior due to the belief of Eve being the cause of all humans being banned from the garden of Eden. This is how some people justify the idea that men are better than women and should hold all

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