Views City Dwellers Have on Residents of the Countryside

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City dwellers are residents who have their place of stay in the cities. These city residents have or will be willing to stay in the city for their entire life. With their stay in the city, these city dwellers tend to have a certain perspective about the other residents who live, work and study in the rural areas or the country side. People living in the cities have a total different lifestyle and culture as compared to their counterparts who reside in the country side. These two genres of people, that is the city dwellers and the country side dwellers tend to have a total different lifestyle between them. People residing in the city have in the past and in the present years visited the country side for one reason or another in their lifetime. With these visits, the city dwellers have come back to their original place of stay that is the city with different views about what they saw and learned from the people who reside in the country side. This document will explore and explain the different views the city dwellers have had concerning the residents of the countryside both negative and positive and also their view concerning the environment of the country side. Body
During the 18th and 19th century, the world was equally equivalent in matters of development, culture and lifestyles but in the present years, the world has evolved and generated into a small global village where people are closely
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