Views On Power And Leadership

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Final Essay GOVT 153
Part I – Views on Power and Leadership There are a great deal of factors that can impact both presidential power and presidential leadership. The authors we have read this semester have had interesting perspectives on these situations, and some are similar and some are very different, based on the author’s opinions on these subjects. Neustadt explains to us that people like to rank a president by an approval rating, and people like to “measure him as ‘weak’ or ‘strong,’ and call what we are measuring his ‘leadership’” (Neustadt, 3). Neustadt mentions that he sees the matter of presidential power as the president’s influence (Neustadt, 4). Neustadt also mentions that there are two perspectives on the subject of presidential power in America (Neustadt, 4). The first way to understand the subject of POTUS power, he mentions, is that the president should “focus on the tactics, so to speak, of influencing certain men in given situations: how to get a bill through Congress, how to settle strikes, how to quiet Cabinet feuds, or how to stop a Suez” (Neustadt, 4). The second way Neustadt wants the reader to understand presidential power “is to step back from tactics on those ‘givens’ and to deal with influence in more strategic terms” such as wondering what is the matter at hand and where is somebody hearing about it, or how can we get something done to help us get support for a president’s future agenda (Neustadt, 4).
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