Views of an Original Federalist from the Pre-Constitutional Era

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Views of an "OG" Federalist about Federalist Paper #10 and Human Nature As an original Federalist from the pre-Constitutional era, I am grateful for having had the opportunity to witness the way that our ideas have achieved our hopes or failed to do so. It has also been depressing to see that some of what has been transpiring in your most recent history reflects human behavior that we had assumed was beneath legislators. When we debated the most appropriate safeguards against the tyranny of the majority, for example, we focused on preventing future recurrence of some of the same tendencies of powerful majorities. We understood that a democratic republic is safer in that regard than a simple democracy; and we understood the need to protect at least one chamber of Congress from perpetual majority domination. At the time, we thought that the only concern was that we needed mechanisms like filibuster and cloture to provide some protection against the obvious potential consequences of a nation dominated by the rule of the majority. I am sad to say that we never imagined the need to protect the Senate from the tyranny of the minority, simply because we naively failed to consider the damage possible if the congressional members of a minority party decided to violate their most fundamental obligations (i.e. to govern and legislate in good faith) for the purpose of undermining the essential processes of government our of petulance, partisan politics, and, apparently, racism
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