Views on Assimilation in 'The Help'

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Assimilation What are your views on assimilation? Assimilation is necessary to survive in any culture. This is because there are certain attributes that are embraced (which help to improve communication and understanding). Those individuals who are able to accept them will transform the way that they can interact with everyone. This is the key for having increased opportunities. A good example of this can be seen with the author Richard Rodriguez. Here is someone who came to America as a child. When he first entered school, he was having trouble assimilating. This is because he was facing difficulties in understanding English. After seeing very little improvement, school officials encouraged his parents to begin introducing certain English words and phrases in the home. (London, 2009) The repeated exposure to different concepts helped to improve his understanding of the language. This is when Rodriguez would become assimilated to American culture. As he grew up, these practices allowed him to have increased opportunities to earn degrees from Stanford and Columbia University. Moreover, he spent time in London as a Fulbright Scholar. This is showing how assimilation is a critical factor for anyone to take advantage of the opportunities available in society. (London, 2009) If Rodriguez had not received this kind of assistance he could have become confused. When this happens, he will have trouble understanding the world around him and adapting to the new culture.
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