Essay on Views on the Importance of Science

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Views on the Importance of Science

Different people have different views on the importance of scientific concepts in comparison to other branches of knowledge. In order to determine if it is reasonable to believe that science is a supreme form of knowledge, firstly we must determine what knowledge is. Knowledge can be seen as the act of knowing or understanding gained through experience or study. Thus in order for something to be considered as knowledge it must be true to the person who has that knowledge based on the information available to them at that time There are many different branches of knowledge from science, to ethics, religion and history. Secondly, we must determine what science
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Furthermore, the rate at which progress occurs in science and the amount of knowledge acquired about the world through Science is astounding especially when compared to the rate of progress at which humans acquire knowledge in other areas, such as philosophy or History. However, this does not mean that other branches of knowledge should be overlooked or that information gained through scientific procedure is always entirely accurate. The belief that science is the supreme form of knowledge has been widely viewed throughout history, dating back to Ancient Greece where Aristotle developed the scientific method. One movement in philosophy that believed in this view strongly were the logical positivists. Logical positivism began in the early twentieth century in Europe and believed that science, along with maths, were the only true types of knowledge.

Although there are many positive aspects of knowledge gained through science, there are also many limitations to such knowledge. Firstly, it has been known for scientific theories to be proved wrong for instance in the past scientists believed that the earth revolved around the moon. This also addresses the problem of how knowledge gained through science is dependant on time and technology. Many scientific
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