Viggo Mortensen's The Captain Fantastic

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Ben (Viggo Mortensen), a.k.a Captain Fantastic, is a single father of six. His name is not actually Captain Fantastic, nobody calls him that, nor does he insist on being called like that. He's also not a superhero from a comic book. Just wanted to clear that up before we proceed. Although, to raise six kids on your own, in the wilderness, certainly requires superhero abilities. His methods are rather rigorous. He insists that all of his kids are in top shape and capable of killing a bear with a knife. He also wants them to be highly educated. All six of them know far more than your average teenager. Well, far more when it comes to books and theoretical knowledge. They don't really know much about life, due to living in the middle of nowhere and being completely of the gird. But, as usual, they are forced to go on a…show more content…
Captain Fantastic delivers on all points as Ben's actions are always nor here nor there. He wishes all the best for his kids, but he fails to realize that they won't stay in the wild forever. He practically forces his way of life on his kids without ever asking them what they want. Sure, they eat as healthy as possible and have many skills, but they have almost no practical knowledge of the world. They know how to skin a dear and can intelligently discuss Adam Smith's The Wealth of the Nation, but of what use is this to a teenager in an urban surrounding? You can't score chicks with that! Family of Captain Fantastic Those outfits are like so 1618! One of strong points of Captain Fantastic is to make us think about the right approach of raising kids and what's good for them. Should you expose them to all the horrors of the world (processed sugar, mindless TV shows, etc.) and let them decided for themselves, or should you vigilantly guard them from all the bad things and risk to raise them as awkward people who never got to make their own mistakes? It's a tough choice and a hard thing to balance. Captain Fantastic gets no less than
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