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If I say that there was a bright light in the sky or the voice of God that made me change

my mind and start my college path or journey to academic enlightenment, then I would be lying

to everyone! There was none of that, but rather, the chance, or better yet, the opportunity to say I

have earned my degree. I would have the privilege to say that I started and completed something

that is going to lead me to where I know I need to be. And where I need to be is teaching!

In case you don’t know, my degree is in Education. I first caught the bug for teaching 16

years ago when I preached my first sermon in front of a small congregation. I enjoyed the

preparation and of course the delivery. Even though I was just starting out, I felt like I could do
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I really enjoy it!

Not only is my passion for the classroom setting but it’s also teaching my kids new

things. What is it about teaching your daughter to ride a bike for the first time or showing your

son how to color in between the lines that brings you so much joy? When that little light goes on

in their heads and they look up at you and say, “I get it Daddy,” then I know I have done my

part. The same thing happens when inside the classroom.

I have a short story to end this assignment. This happened this past May when I was

teaching a series to my young adult group on choices. In one of the sessions, I had mentioned

that sometimes in life you take the path that is easy and it doesn’t require much out of you but

many times it will lead to chaos. However, if we take the path that requires more work effort out

of us, the end result is so much better. A week later, a young lady that was in my class comes up

to me and hands me a framed picture of a road with two directions. I look at it and say “thank

you?” She says to me, “I was walking in the mountains with my camera taking random
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