Vignette: A Fictional Narrative

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Vignette # 4 I was wrapped in my blanket like a Butterfly in its cocoon. As soon as I began to have conscious thought of my crush, dancing, and my dreams turning into a reality my eyes opened as if I was facing Bruce Lee himself. Then I jumped out of my bed if I was running with gazelles in sub Saharan Africa. I smoothly landed into a crouched position on the ground I got straight into my dance battle stance with a stare determined like Eminem. I knew today would be a good day with the sun shining on me through my white curtains. As I noticed the dust from my desk float in front of me I copied its abrupt and jerky movements into the bathroom. I walked on my bathroom carpet like…show more content…
One side asking in a tone of low self-esteem “Does my messy hair I think is cool, crappy?” “Does my invsalign have something in it?” the other side I favored “Your dream is coming true you have to believe in True love’s destiny”. I said with a genuine smile of happiness “Yeah let’s, but first I need to drop my book off at my locker. Do you need to go to yours?” Her voice sounding sweet like the wind chimes in a summer breeze. “No I won’t have to, let’s get going” as we passed the people and walked through crowds of Eagle Rock High school students we laughed and conversed. We were talking as if we were strolling around the mall and it was a date. Everything she said I listened closely too if I were breaking into a safe. We stood against the planter one away from the dancing, my crew’s boom box being blasted, and everyone talking, gossiping about the day. She had to leave because she thought she kept me from my dancing and friends. I thought she wasn’t and wanted for the moment to last longer. Dancing my way into the circle of my friends I can feel Valentine’s Day in my friends. I felt it was strong just like the stench of a skunk. Day continued and the true love moment like a taylor swift song I dreamed was coming to a close. The time I waited in the front of school with a couple of my friends behind me. I waited until the dean closed the gate the border between school and freedom. “Hey Phillip were going to head to the park now see
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