Vignette For Summer 2015 Competency Exam

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Competency Exam
Kelly Little
University of La Verne

Vignette For Summer 2015 Competency Exam

Vignette for Summer 2015 Competency Exam Bess is a 32 year old middle class Latina. She is an accountant at a large, well-established firm. Her parents divorced when she was 5 years old. She saw her father on weekends and described him as fun and laid back, although he had not been very successful –changing jobs frequently.

Bess was raised by her working class mother who expressed a lot of love towards Bess, but not warmth or fun. Instead, her mother focused on activities that could “better herself”. Her mother would constantly nag her if she wasn’t trying hard enough, or if her room was messy.

Bess worked hard and consistently succeeded in school. Bess was not popular in school and although she had some male friends she wasn’t good at expressing any romantic interest. As a result, Bess had some anxieties about dating, marriage, having a family and other related issues. She reported handling these anxieties by distracting herself with her work. She describes that most evenings she works rather late and then comes home, fixes her dinner and watches television until she falls asleep. Frequently she has a glass of wine and a sleeping pill to get to sleep.

Recently, she began to experience symptoms that focused around the issue of cleanliness. This pattern gradually evolved into a thoroughgoing cleansing ritual. Bess…
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