Viilliere: A Short Story

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The next morning, when Charity woke, the wonderful aroma of brewing coffee filled her nostrils. It reminded her of when she was a little girl and woke at her grandparent’s cabin. After dressing and going into the front room, she stopped short, seeing Jeremiah sitting at the table with his gray hair and beard she momentarily thought he was her grandfather, before realizing that it was Jeremiah. For some reason, Charity had forgotten they had company. She quickly twisted her hair into a bun and pinned it, making herself presentable. “Hope you didn't mind that I helped myself to making some coffee, Ma‘am,” Jeremiah said sheepishly. “No sir, not at all, as long as you made enough for me too,” she said, smiling at him, and saying, “Good morning.”…show more content…
Life, as a guest of the Viilliere plantation’s mistress, was everything a man with a taste for good rum and a healthy libido could want, until the British came ashore intent on capturing New Orleans. General Jackson saw to it that that didn’t happen, but still, their capturing the plantation disrupted his days of leisure there… *** At first, Charity was a little bit shy with Jeremiah, but his easygoing nature set her at ease. “Ma'am, I would’ve started some breakfast, but to tell the truth, I ain't much of a cook.” “That's alright, Mr. McClure. I'm just going to fix some flapjacks and sausage this morning. I was able to get some maple syrup while I was in town the other day; it will be a real treat for Henry and the children; you and me too,” she added, almost as an afterthought. She poured herself a cup of coffee and sat down at the table with…show more content…
“That's Captain Hank Wheeler and that Indian scout of his. Wheeler ain't right in the head; he ain’t right at all! I been a knowing of him, since the Red Stick War, of 1814. Yep, I fought with Wheeler at the Battle of N'Orleans… He’s always had him a thang for Indian girls; even back then, he was raping and pillaging Creek Indian maidens. He'd even grab him a slave girl outta the fields if he took a fancy to her… He’d have his way and then leave ‘em fer dead most of the time. Many of us didn’t like what he done, but they was some that did- those of us that didn’t take to it, mostly avoided it and kept our mouths shut. Wheeler’s never done nothing but take what he wanted. He might’ve set his sight's on you, Ma'am- I seen him march a hunnert infantry, forty miles off the track we was headed jest to get at one little
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