Vik Munniz Analysis

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The Brazilian artist Vik Muniz rooted in New York decides to make difference in the society and travels to Jardi Gramacho, the largest landfill of the world in the outskirt of Rio de Janeiro, with the meaning to help the pickers to improve their lives using art. The “catadores are the ultimately marginalized population they resort to picking valuable recyclable materials from the garbage. The magnitude of this people's job is breathe taking. This film is a very good example of how fame and talent can be use for a greater good and bring light to something that is incredible. Vik Muniz is a very remarkable man because how was able to involve the workers during the entire process, from the beginning and instead of making it about him, the art.…show more content…
The artist featured here exclusively use recycled or trash to make pieces of contemporary art. Artists like Muniz turn everyday trash into creative treasures. Recycling turn things into other things that is why there is a very short distance between art and trash, and trash that contains an element of craziness is by this very quality nearer to art. Muniz and the catadores gather recyclable items from the dump and use them to create the images on the floor. The people are presented in all of their humanity. It was amazing to see the level of expertise required to distinguish between different types of materials and how recyclers could see how other people lived thru their garbage. This is an excellent example of how art can link to real people. Art is not just something pretty and precious; it acts as a link between people and how we live. One man's trash is another man's treasure. What may not be valuable to you can mean the world to others. Art requires imagination and creativity, creativity requires experience and experience come from your life and your life is expressed in your
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