Viking Expansion Research Paper

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Viking expansion was caused by Christian churchmen, beginning with Alcuin, who attributed it to God’s doing. These men deemed the Viking raids punishment for religious laxity. However, an eleventh century Saxon cleric claimed that Viking expansion was actually the result of overpopulation and poverty in the Viking homeland. The Norse, or the Viking peoples, had gone to the Atlantic islands as landless sons, social outcasts, and political refugees because they were forced to leave their homes to search for opportunities elsewhere. The reason of Viking expansion is similar to that of the Europeans when they discovered and conquered the New World. The Viking emigration spread all over Europe, with the Danes spreading through Holland all the way down to Spain and in to the Mediterranean. The Swedes traveling east, across the Baltic …show more content…

Both explored before the age of exploration and over long distances. The Vikings explored the North Atlantic. They established settlements in Iceland and Greenland, and they reached modern-day Canada around the year 1000. The Polynesian people spread across the South Pacific, reaching Hawaii in about 600. Both groups remained fairly homogenous, each speaking a similar language and adopting similar cultural practices as they expanded their settlements.

One difference between the Vikings and the Polynesians was in the design of their ships. Early Polynesians developed twin-hulled vessels that were made of planks tied edge to edge and that could be ninety to one hundred feet long. In contrast, the Vikings used the clinker, or overlapped construction, method. The Vikings also managed to keep strong trading networks between their settlements, no matter the distance. This was not possible for Polynesian peoples, where trade was a more local

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