Viking Women Played A Big Part On Viking Society

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Viking women played a big part on Viking society. They were treated with respect by the men in her society. The Viking women’s life was usually quite good. They were granted many privileges, even though the women were treated well and granted a lot of things they were not allowed to join raids or any trading adventure. They were also not permitted to do many other things such as; having short hair, carrying swords, or axes, and were not allowed to dress as any man would.

When the men travelled they where expected to work on the farm, cook, prepare food, manage the stock levels in winter, smoke the fish and meats, make broth, bake bread, produce Ale, make clothes and keep the family healthy. The women would grow up just like the men of her village learning to live off the land and be self sufficient.
In Viking community the girl was expected to marry between the ages of 12 and 15, run a household and have children of their own. Most marriages where arranged but some girls got to pick who would be their husband if they were lucky. In the marriage the women would have much responsibility and could divorce her husband if she pleased.

If the family was poor and had no slaves or servants the men and women’s work would be fairly even and the women would have to do a lot more than the richer women. If the family did own slaves or servants the women could fire the servant or hire them if she wished. If the slave had a child the child would automatically become the property of the…

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