Viktor And Rolf And Elie Saab

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Erika Erlenbach
Dr. Maureen S. MacGillivray
AMD 141
September 24, 2015
Designer Paper: Viktor and Rolf and Elie Saab
Viktor and Rolf are an inseparable duo in the fashion world and I was in awe the moment I saw their work. I was planing on researching only one side of the duo for Haute couture but all the information on them is in sync. When in Arnhem, The Netherlands in 1992 Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren graduated from ArtEZ institute and started their journey together(Heritage, 2015). After graduating The duo worked hard to develop their first line that premiered in 1993 (Heritage, 2015). The duo was so successful with their lines they were recognized and showcased their first Haute couture show in 1998 (Heritage, 2015).
People are amazed by the work of Viktor and Rolf. Archer describes their work as “spectacular catwalk shows, garments constructed as sculptural pieces to be looked at rather than worn, exquisite abundant couture, and experiments with scale and its playful surrealism.”(Archer, A., 2009) These descriptions are evident in all their collections of haute couture. Viktor and Rolf push boundaries and have magnificent concepts. In their Fall/winter 2014/15 collection the looks were made with red carpet presented on a red carpet. Rolf states “For us it’s really a contemporary obsession. We are all so obsessed with the red carpet and celebrities and we felt we wanted to take a look at it in a different way.” (FashionTV, 2014). They also used on interesting…

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