Viktor Frankl Founder Of Existential Therapy

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Viktor Frankl founder of Existential Therapy 2. The root of the problem which causes people to seek to counsel is their inability to find meaning and purpose in their lives. Many have and will continue to ask existential questions such as, “what is my purpose” and “what am I striving for?” Unfortunately, these questions have caused many great agonies in answering. The theory states that when an individual is unable to motivate their own will to live and/ or make meaning out of life, they become immobile. Consequently, this immobility makes living difficult, which in essence results in the development of psychological disruptions. Suicide, for example, is one disruption that can stem from one feeling not only alone, but feeling as if life has no meaning. Those who seek this form of therapy are in search for the meaning of their personal life. Gaining insight into the fears about death, loneliness and meaninglessness, defense mechanisms will, according to theory, discontinue inauthentic and unhealthy living. 3. Existential therapy assumes that we are not only responsible for our own actions but that the power to change exists in one’s power to choose. All humans share this innate power to choose. However, a difference exists in the degree of the drive one needs to motivate the action of choosing. The key, theory suggests, to living healthy and with meaning is to address the concerns of human existence. Issues such as the responsibility of freedom, death, isolation
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