Viktor Frankl

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Camden Pavey United States history Mr. Gilbert 2 May 2016 The Life and Thoughts of Viktor Frankl Viktor Frankl was a very successful and smart person, he had gained access to an immigration visa that had been approved to go to America, but he chosen not to use the visa. He didn't use the visa because he did not want to abandon his mother or father. Shortly after letting the visa go unused he was sent to Aushiwitz along with both his mother and his wife. His mother was immediately sent to the gas chambers, and died. His wife was sent to Bergen Belson, where she eventually ended up dying at the age of 24. Viktor Frankl was not aware of either of these incidents at the time. With these horrible things happening to him as other horrible things…show more content…
He was in concentration camps for a total of three years. The first was Theresienstadt in that camp he had done a lot of digging, and some factory work. He was then transported to Aushiwitz! Within this camp he would end up getting to help a doctor in a sick bay. They worked with what they had available, but it was not much, and not sufficient enough to really help those who were sick. While working in the sick bay, he had gone outside, and stood on too of a hatch the two men were hiding under, so that no guard would look inside, so he helped them escape. After he went to Aushiwitz, he was then sent to Dachau, he was sent here, because he volunteered to be a doctor for patients with typhus fever, his friends had warned him not to, but he figured that he wasn't going to live much longer anyway. Once he finally arrived, he was shown the sick quarters, and what he had to work with. He also realized that the new camp did not have gas chambers, and felt a little safer, then he previously felt at Aushiwitz, which everyone had to be careful what they did, because the gas chambers were not far away. He felt like the best way to survive, was to stay low, and stay out of trouble, and not to offer refuge to anyone who comes in your living quarters that doesn't live there. He felt that you needed to befriend the capos. This is do to the fact that the capos were actually more harsh than the SS guards. Viktor Frankl said, " Often they were harder on prisoners than were the guards, and beat them more cruelly than the SS men did." When he said they he was referring to the capos. He had one of the capos like him early on, and eventually he got to sit with him, and lived better than he had in the beginning of
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