Villa Savoye By Le Corbusier

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Introduction Villa Savoye by Le Corbusier, is a figure head for design within the modern Era. A new way of thinking, I will be discussing the relevance of the early 20th centruy design and how there is a distinct gap between building and context. This is something that provided a precedent for Architecture that followed, being relevent in design as well as the theory of Le Corbusier himself. A way of thinking that ensured Le Corbusier would be one of the elite Architects of the day is the admiration for mechanical design, using the "five points of Architecture", each being used in the design of Villa Savoye. Steam ships became integral in the thought process when designing the Villa Savoye, the minimilism of the exterior and interior…show more content…
Poissy was badly hit by the war affecting both the Villa and private housing within the commune, something that would stagnate the progress of Poissy. The villa was commisioned for Emilie and Pierre Savoye, a wealthy family in order to showcase Le Corbusiers theory to the world. Providing technologies that had never been seen before. Jencks (1974) stated that "The Villa Savoie at Poissy 1929-31, was built as a luxurious weekend retreat for clients who, according to Le Corbusier, had no preconception as to what a new architecture could be."With the Savoyes abandoning the villa after World War II it sat derliect, only being used to store hay. In 1958 the town of Poissy bought the Villa, this was meant to employ a new use, as a high school. In 1962, the villa was handed to the state to be refurbished, refurbishment lasted over 30 years finishing in 1997; before being opened to the public. Throughout all this time it has been an iconic building, always allowing Corbusiers theories to shine through. Main body Concept behind the design Upon the south side of the villa there are trees that enclose the space, this is met by an opening to the villa that is a promenade architecturale, this means that the path towards the villa continues from the entrance of the site all the way to the entrance to the house. This theory and idea was developed further with Le Corbusier creating a precedent to the approach up to the Parthenon, which is in Athens. Corbusier wanted to
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