Villefort's Description

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Edmond Dantes, about to be married, is taken away because he is denounced by his undiscovered enemies, Fernand, Caderousse, and Danglars. As he is being held in prison, he meets Monsieur de Villefort. As Dantes is telling Villefort about his life, Monsieur de Villefort feels his “coincidence shook his usual impassivity and struck a chord of sympathy in the depths of his soul,”(25) because he feels sympathy for a man his age, to be attacked by someone when he has not done anything wrong. Monsieur de Villefort, then promises Edmond Dantes that he will be free but asks for the letter first. When Villefort finds out it is for Nortier, his father, “a thunderbolt could not have struck Villefort more suddenly or unexpectedly”(28). Villefort’s father
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