Vimy Pilgrimage Award

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Addressing The Vimy Pilgrimage Award Selection Committee and the Vimy Foundation,

With this letter, I would like to express my interest in being recognized for the 2018 Vimy Pilgrimage Award.

I am currently residing in Central Alberta as a high school student. Having looked through my school announcements page, I came across this opportunity to immerse myself in a historical based journey. As an individual, I have decided to apply for this once in a lifetime opportunity because it would strongly enrich my passion for history and expand my horizons on my path to an imminent career. Moreover I consider this opportunity to establish a stronger sense of Canada’s history during the First World War. Last but not least, I feel it is important to further understand the importance of Canadian involvement in the First World War.
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Most important reason, I believe, is being able to bring back the information acquired to Canada and sharing it with teachers. Not only that, but being able to teach it to my peers as well. Thirdly, this award opportunity could potentially aid me on my path to postsecondary
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