Vince Lombardi Essay

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Vince Lombardi as a Leader

Vince Lombardi once stated, “Leaders aren’t born, that are made. And they are made just like anything else, through hard work” (Belliotti, 2008, p.8). Lombardi was a very successful National Football League coach. He defines a true leader in the coaching world through his hard work and dedication to making each individual player and the team as a whole better through transformational leadership.
According to Peter G. Northouse, a leader is someone that has the ability to inspire and create change that allows others to follow them. They display confidence, determination, intelligence, integrity and sociability (2010, p.5-21). These concepts that are relevant in the workplace are also the same in sports. As a
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George Manning and Kent Curtis state” The term transformational leadership can be used to describe the leadership of individuals such as Vince Lombardi. These leaders use optimism, charm, intelligence, and a myriad of other personal qualities to raise aspirations, and transform individuals and organizations into new levels of high performance (2003, p.24). I believe the best way to show Lombardi’s leadership style is through the components of transformational leadership.
There are four components of transformational leadership: idealized influence, inspirational motivation, intellectual stimulation and individualized consideration. Idealized influence describes leaders that appear as role models for followers (Northouse, 2010, p.177). David Maraniss says that while Lombardi expected his players to be early for everything and dressed in suits, but that Lombardi himself would always get there earlier than the players still and was dressed in nothing short of professional attire (1999, p.217). Lombardi was a great role model and only expected the best from his team because he gave the team his best. He led by example and embodied all the ideas he taught others in himself as well.
Lombardi displayed charisma, which is a special gift that certain individual’s posses that make others want to follow their vision. A former player of Lombardi’s from the Packers,
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