Vincent Van Gogh: A Brief Biography

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Vincent Van Gogh lived out these words as he created masterpieces by painting how he perceived the world. Van Gogh had an eccentric personality, however, continuously suffered from unstable moods and recurrent psychotic episodes caused by Temporal Lobe Epilepsy and Bipolar Disorder. Despite his suicide in the end, these illnesses correlate with his inability to form stable relationships while also enhancing his artwork. Vincent was born on March 30 in Zundert, Netherlands to Anne Cornelia Carbonates and Reverend Theodours Van Gogh. Growing up in a very religious and cultural atmosphere with five siblings, Van Gogh was often the quiet child with few artistic qualities in his earliest years. To help Van Gogh connect with his cultural and religious side, his parents sent him to boarding school in Zevenbergen and later to another in Tilburg. It was discovered while Vincent was growing up that he was a very passionate artist, but often doubted himself. This led to two unsuccessful relationships, after which, he decided to remain in Belgium to study art, with the determination to give happiness to others by creating beauty. In 1870, at the age of sixteen he was sent to work for The Hague gallery ran by a French art branch of Goupil & Co. after finishing years of academics. Following his array of work with the branch, Vincent resettled in London to continue promoting Goupil & Co. In London, Van Gogh began focusing intensely on his religion, while also undergoing a negative
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