Vincent Van Gogh And His Art

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Vincent van Gogh was not always an artist. Born in 1853, he only started to take art seriously around the early 1880s. During his teen years, he had been an art dealer, but the inspiration to start his career as an artist came from his brother Theo. Vincent would doodle on letters sent to Theo, and after Vincent had held several different job positions, Theo finally suggested that he focus on his art (Van Gogh Museum). Van Gogh began his art career by making drawings using pen with the occasional watercolor or oil. He had wanted to master black and white before he attempted color. During April through May of 1882 his uncle, who was an art dealer, commissioned him to make a series of cityscapes done in the style of drawings in pen. After moving to Nuenen with his parents, French artists, especially Millet, inspired him to focus on rural life. He created paintings of country life and peasants (Department of European Paintings). This allowed him to practice drawing figures. This oil on canvas painting features rough looking figures full of anatomical mistakes. Vincent was satisfied with the work in spite of the mistakes because he cared more about the message he was attempting to portray (Van Gogh Museum). He wanted to convey the fact that the peasants are living in a different world from “civilized people.” (Van Gogh and Auden 237). He wanted to show that they “have dug the earth with those very hands they put in the dish, and so it speaks of manual labor, and how they have
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