Vincent Van Gogh And His Life

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Vincent van Gogh The top knowledge every knows or thinks that they know is that Vincent van Gogh was a melancholic depressed crazy guy and he cut off his ear and then he committed suicide at the end of his life. Initially that kind of information might be overblown and there are some debate about those two events. For instant, recent factual evidence has come to light that it’s possible that he got into a fight with his mate Paul Gauguin and Gauguin who was an expert fencer might have sliced Venice’s ear. At the end of his life where he seemed to be depressed and there are some accounts about him being in corn fields and saying that he codnt take it and he couldn’t do it, it can’t be done, it impossible and then shoot himself in the…show more content…
But that didn’t work out as well. He then went to his famous cousin who painted romantic picture to teach him how to paint and support him, but his cousin style was different, and Gogh was going through an emotional breakdown .so that didn’t work as well,. So he end up staying with a prostitute who took care of him. Vincin again left the country because he run out of money, so he went to Paris. He end up with a crowd that was actually good for him, at the same time, bad for him. He meet Bernard, Pissarro, john restle and Monet. After seeing the work of Seurat and Monet he had a total of epiphany in term of painting. Which lead him to do his revtionary work. Later on his brother got him a house that called the yellow house. So he end up living with Paul Gauguin there. At that period he started working so much that we would complete two to three paintings and a few sketches. He just couldn’t stop painting. Which helped me to be a really good painter. Then he got into an argument with Paul and he had to leave again. After the incident Gogh stayed in an asylum because he has nervous attacks. At the asylum he started painting again. He then returns to Sandra me and gets a doctor. Doctor gacheet decide that we should work as much as he can. So he basically was painting all day long. At some point before his death Vincent painted corn field with crows, which symbolize death. Which shows that he want to
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