Vincent Van Gogh And His Life

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Vincent van Gogh
Vincent van Gogh was born on March 30 in 1853 in a village called Groot-Zundert in the province of North Brabant located in the southern Netherlands. He was raised in a Catholic dominant land by his father Theodorus van Gogh and his mother Anna Cornelia Carbentus. His parents had strong roots in the Dutch Reformed Church because Vincent’s father was a preacher there (Van Gogh). He was the first born child because the child his parents were supposed to have before him was a stillborn. His parents went on to have five more kids (McQuillan). Vincent van Gogh based his art off of the things that he wished he had in his life such hope and new beginnings, he was deprived of these qualities because of his struggles with despair and misfortune.
The life of van Gogh was not always smooth sailing. He had the skills and the talent to create extremely famous paintings, but he was not blessed in every category of his life. One thing that Vincent was plagued with was mental disabilities and health problems (Gogh). For much of his life he dealt with depression and he had many thoughts of suicide. All of his problems seemed to build up on him and that is what gave him the motivation to do art. He spent many years of his life try to find love, but he was very unsuccessful at that. Another daily struggle he dealt with was living a life in poverty (Arnold). He did not get everything he wanted in fact he got just the opposite of that. Years kept passing by in his life and his…

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