Vincent's Cappuccino Express Case Study

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Vincent's Cappuccino Express Case Study.

a) What factors can be expected to have major impact on the future success of the Cappuccino Express? Classify these factors in the categories of quality, cost, and time.

Quality factors

Thinking about quality factors, I'd like to break them down into several categories. I don't know if there are generally accepted definitions for them, so I will call them: appearance factors, product factors and customer experience factors. Let's talk about them in details.
Appearance quality factors are the factors that can attract the customers to your business (or push away), make the overall experience with your business more pleasant, and perhaps, even differentiate your business from competition. I include
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In my opinion, Vincent has been pretty successful so far because of the very high product profit margin and lack of competition. It cost only about 6 cents to make a cup of regular coffee (cappuccino probably slightly more). But what if there was Dunkin Donuts around the corner? It would be interesting to see that development.

b) Describe the work process relationships that are important for satisfying the customers of the Cappuccino Express.

I believe that relationship with customers begins from the moment customer drives in the parking lot or, like in this case, pulls into the driveway of the drive-through. The most important thing at this stage of relationship with customer is for him to like the place and wanting to do the business there or to be served there, as in our case. As I have mentioned before, in many instances (especially in food industry) customer makes his decision whether to get that cup of coffee here or elsewhere using his judgment on appearance, neatness and cleanness of the place. If these three things fail the customer, there will be no relationship of any kind in a future.
Next stage is actually dealing with the customer. Simple but sincere greeting to start this process will do. One of the most important component (if not the most important one) in the work process relationship, that,

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