Vincor and the Wine Industry

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The Wine Industry and Vincor
Vincor International Inc. is in the business of selling premium wine to discerning wine drinkers. The company relies on its firm resources and capabilities from which it derives its distinctive competencies. These include the ability to produce market and distribute premium New World wines to a growing market of customers around the world. The total estimated world market is worth approximately $190 billion dollars (U.S.).
Vincor’s strategy is based on its distinctive competencies (such as world renowned wine making experience, vineyard development and ownership, and the ice wine product/brand) and centres on an acquisition and takeover formula (sometimes with a joint venture component). The company
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Vincor does market wine alternatives itself, as a way of dealing with substitute demand. Vincor makes cider and has a wine kit business division (Spagnols) that gives Vincor some product diversification. Partly because of the ease of competition and as part of the differentiation and protection of the Canadian wine industry, Vintners Quality Alliance (VQA), a quality assurance program that identifies Canadian premium grape content, assists in making start-up more difficult for those wishing to emulate Canadian wine brands. The dollars spent on marketing and brand loyalty play a large part in protecting market share and there are certain absolute cost advantages that contribute to establishing some barriers to new competition. Ultimately, there is little cost to the consumer when considering switching brands. Experimentation in wine drinking is often a characteristic of the wine drinking market and thus can contribute to promoting new substitute entry into the market.
Bargaining Power of Suppliers
The supply of grapes, apples, bulk wine and grape juice concentrate for Vincor’s wine products comes from a combination of sources. Privately owned vineyards (Canada, U.S., Australia) provide somewhere between 35% to 57% of the raw products needed to
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