Vinegar Egg Osmosis

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I learned many things a while doing the lab experiment. I learned how to operate the mass scale. My hypothesis was wrong at the beginning of the lab experiment. My hypothesis was that when you put a egg in a hypotonic solution, it will decrease in mass. The other hypothesis is that when you put a egg in a hypertonic solution, then it will increase in mass. I learned that when eggs soak in vinegar, then you put the eggs in water and corn syrup they change. By that I mean when the vinegar egg was left in water, the mass of the egg was bigger. The water and egg was a hypotonic solution because the water moved into the egg and the solutes moved out of the egg. Then I also The vinegar egg in corn syrup was a hypertonic solution because there is more solutes in the…show more content…
When a vacuole is filling with water, it will make the plant cell rigid and hard. I learned that even if the plant cell is not in the ground it can still become turgid or flaccid. I learned how to use a squeezer to put vanilla in a balloon. When I put the vanilla in the balloon, I did not accept the smell to leak outside of the bag. After an hour I was surprised that the bag smelled like vanilla. I learned the smell was in the bag because it used passive transport to get through the balloon. Passive transport is when something is transported without using energy. The smell wanted to leave and get to the outside of the balloon. When I left the bag open for two minutes, the smell was not concentrated. I learned that the smell then transported to the outside of the bag using passive transport. I learned the difference between diffusion and osmosis. Diffusion is the movement of molecules from an area of high concentration to an area of low concentration. Osmosis is the diffusion of water across a cell membrane. In conclusion, I learned that science can show you how many things work and how you can be surprised of what you
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