Vineland Adaptive Behavior Analysis

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Scott is a 6-year-old student who is currently in 1st grade. He has several behaviors that has been identified by both his parents and classroom teachers. Some of his most noted behaviors has been aggression, depression, lack of attention, and withdrawal. He shows aggression by breaking objects, and physically attacking other students as well as staff members. He shows signs of depression when he screams and becomes easily frustrated. Scotts has trouble with attending because he often become distracted as noted. Scotts hyperactivity becomes evident as he screams out and shows very little control over himself or emotions and interrupts adults when he is excited. Finally, Scott displays the coping mechanism of withdrawal by avoiding activities…show more content…
I believe that utilizing the Vineland Adaptive Behavior Assessment will provide a clearer picture of Scott. The Vineland test would be the most appropriate test to give Scott because the Vineland test is used to measure “personal and social skills from birth to adulthood” (Manohari, Raman, & Ashok, 2013). It is important to note that Scott is in 1st grade and there is very limited academic pattern for him. Taking this assessment will allow teachers and parents to obtain a greater interpretation of Scott. The assessed adaptive behavior done by Vineland is communication, living skills, socialization, and motor. According to the case study these are also the domains in which the parents and teachers have concerns. Because there is a family history of ADHD Vineland remains an appropriate choice of assessment because it addresses intellectual and developmental disabilities as well as autism spectrum disorder and ADHD. Vineland also provides “educational and treatment plans” (Manohari, Raman, & Ashok, 2013). Therefore, it is necessary that all aspects of a student development are looked at in order to make a n appropriate diagnosis. “This includes language, social skills, attention, behavior, mood, academic skills, social skills, play skills and motor skills” (Manohari, Raman, & Ashok, 2013). Having a thorough assessment allows for all areas of development to be addressed to obtain a clear picture of the student. Because Scott sensory processing is a concern these difficulties interfere with his participation in classroom activities, interaction with peers and staff, emotional and behavioral control and attending
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