Vinson Syn A Christian Scholar And Dean Emeritus

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Vinson Synan is a Christian scholar and Dean Emeritus at Regent University in Virginia Beach. In this work, he describes the most remarkable historical events that shaped the Pentecostalism in America and worldwide. Synan points out specific characteristics that clarifies the origins of the Pentecostal church in America. His main purpose is to present a historical analysis of the Pentecostalism and its roots. According to him, the reader needs to be aware of the Pentecostal traditions developed during the twentieth century in order to understand Pentecostalism as a major Christian tradition. The problem is that traditional Christians do not consider Pentecostalism as significant as should be. Synan’s thesis is that the Pentecostalism…show more content…
Synan explains the link between the Fire-Baptized Holiness Church and the modern Pentecostal movement (59). In the next section, the author defines the Churches of God and their main developments and the doctrine of Sanctification (69). Synan also points out the revival meeting occurred in Los Angeles at the beginning of the twentieth century. According to him the Azusa Street Revival in 1906 was fundamental for the expansion of Pentecostalism in America and Europe. In chapters six and seven, Synan explains the expansion and the influence of the Pentecostal churches in the south of the United States and in the world. According to him, during that time period, the principles of the Azusa Street Revival was still very strong in the United States, which also influenced the growth of the missionary work. The issue of speak in tongues was a major concern in this period (111). In the next chapter, Synan elucidates the main controversies that produced new Pentecostal denominations (166). In chapter nine, the author analyses the historical developments in America and its relation to African-America Pentecostals. He also points out the influence of Parham and Seymour as main founders of modern Pentecostalism (170). Synan describes in details the relationship between the Pentecostals and the American society in chapter ten (208). In the following chapter, the author explains the origins of the Neo-Pentecostal Movement and its major
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