Viola Spolin: Play Analysis

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Introduction Viola Spolin is the creator of theatre games. The purpose of the theory is to help struggling actors with improv, and I am one of them. When this assignment was given to me, I carefully examined which theatre theorist related to my weakness pertaining theatre and discovered Viola Spolin. About a month ago, I volunteered to participate in Arts Week at my school. My task was to get on stage in front of an audience and improv for two minutes while a dancer, musician, and singer performed with me. I wanted to do something serious. Normally, I play characters that are funny. I wanted to show the audience that I could take a more serious approach. For the improvs, those who participated had themes. My theme for my improv was love. I…show more content…
In the beginning of the piece, my mother informs me that she is leaving, and how she will be back. Kiara, my classmate would perform the mother; she will state her lines offstage. “Mommy is going somewhere. Here’s a number for you. Call me if you need anything. I will be back okay. I love you.” I chose Kiara to play as the mother for three reasons – the mother answers one of Spolin’s developing a character improv questions, acting the mother out would help the audience understand what is going on in the piece, and she’s a great actor. However, if Kiara isn’t there to perform the part, then I will pick Aly to fulfill it. At this point, I am holding a piece of paper that my mother gave me. The paper has a number written down. Whenever parents leave their children home alone for a little while, they leave their child with a contact number is case something happens. As the piece moves along, my character will express how miserable she is without her mother by playing with her dolls that are on the floor. I then start a conversation with the two dolls. The conversation discusses how one doll wants the other doll to join them at the mall. The other doll responds by saying how they are going to wait for their mother to come back in order to spend time with her mother. The dolls in the piece symbolize home and comfort. Wherever my character goes, the dolls go with her. Furthermore, the time goes by and I begin to…show more content…
I didn’t know what to perform for this theory. My teacher gave us ten minutes to practice before we had to show him what we have. I went into the corner and started to brainstorm based off of Viola Spoin’s “Developing a Character” and “How Old Am I” game. I knew that I wanted something serious to happen. “Developing a Character” allows an actor to come up with simple questions in order to create a character. “How old are you?” “What does your character like and dislike?” “Does something happen to your character?” The “How Old Am I” game demonstrates how I act the age out, which is ten. (“How old was the player? Did he or she show or tell us?”) For my piece, I am demonstrating my age by showing you. My costume and the way the scene is set allows the audience to see that I am a little girl. From those questions, I created answers. A ten-year-old who loves her mother, but worries about her when she says that she is leaving. Time goes by and wakes up to discover that her mother is still gone. She calls her mother and learns that she is kidnapped. She goes out to only find that her mother is dead. After my performance, my teacher asked me how I was and I replied ten-years-old. He stated that I didn’t properly demonstrate that I was ten. In my piece, I told how many hours my mother was gone. A ten-year-old can’t tell time, especially if there is no clock. In order to improve for my final performance, I will distinguish the time of day. At first it was day and

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