Violating Social Norms

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I was feeling a little more confident so I immediately stood about two-and-a-half feet away from him. He glanced at me at first, but did not say anything. Another customer and asked, “Do you mind if I just reach across you to grab that?” It was clear that the customer assumed we were together. When the other customer walked away, the subject stepped about a foot away from me. I casually stepped closer to him, as if I were following him. He then asked me, “Did you need to get over here?” I replied, “No, I’m OK” and continued to browse the section. He seemed very intimidated by my presence, though he had a very strong outward appearance, and spoke with firm, assertive tone. He finally grabbed his item, and then gave me a quick head nod and grimace goodbye. I followed him to the checkout line. When we approached the line, I was standing less than two feet behind him. He looked back and said, “It’s OK, you can go ahead of me.” As soon as I stepped in front, he moved approximately 4 feet away from me. The final subject was the person I stood in line behind at the checkout. The subject was Female, Caucasian, approximately the same height, body type and age as I. She was the third person in line. I was the fourth, and the guy from the deli section was the fifth. I noticed that while people were standing in line, each person allowed the customer who was paying at the counter stand 6

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