Violation Of Norm Analysis

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The location for this violation of norm, it was at the Palmetto General Hospital, the day it was Saturday, July 8, 2017. The age of observers were more on the 40 and 50s, also the race of the observers was Hispanic and black people. The social status I would say middle class. The sex of the observers was a combination of both male and female; in addition, the observers were civilians and doctors. The mood of the observers in most of the rides I did with my partner Edith Jacamo in the elevator were loud people were talking; just a few persons were quiet. The way I started to violate the norm was by waiting that most of the people get into the elevator including my partner, and then I was the last one in get into the elevator. The elevator was full, so I placed myself in the middle of the door facing the people and most of the people were facing where I was. Personally, I did not felt weird neither bad about doing something different from the rest of the observers. I think because their reaction, it was not what I expected about it, I was expecting a big shock of breaking the norm. When I was waiting for my partner, I was thinking in how the people will react and I was expecting that at least one person will ask me or tell me something about it. I was a little…show more content…
In one ride that I did, most of the observers were so busy at their phones that they did not even look at me at all including nurses and doctors. I guess that technology is getting an impact in some experiments that make people indifferent to some norms by the effect that they are busier in their phone rather than be aware of what it is going on around them. There was only an old woman probably on her 60s that my partner and I noticed she was looking at me and trying to figured out, why I was doing the opposite of the rest of the people that was inside the elevator, but she never say anything she was only observing at
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