Violation Of Student Research Paper

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When it comes to school officials searching student’s lockers and backpacks for drugs or weapons, I feel that it is a violation of the student’s privacy. To be completely honest, it’s none of the schools business what a student does outside of school or what they have in their backpack. Even if the student is a suspect to having drugs or weapons, they should have the right to have their privacy. One of the reasons I say this is a violation of privacy is because they are breaking into something and searching around in a student’s property. The other reason I say this is a violation of students privacy is because it’s their life and they have the freedom to make their own choices. When school officials search students’ backpacks and lockers, they are literally taking the property the student owns and looking around in it when it’s none of their business. Although the school owns the lockers, the students paid the locker fee, so technically they own the locker. The school officials break into the student’s property, search another piece of property to find things that don’t even concern them. Maybe the students had nowhere else to put the weapon,…show more content…
That being said I do feel it is a violation of students’ privacy to search their lockers for drugs or weapons. The first reason being they are literally taking students’ property and looking through it. The second reason is people have the freedom and right to make their own choices in life and it’s none of the school officials business on what they are doing outside of school. Let the kids screw their lives up, it’s the only way they will learn, not by school official telling them “Drugs are bad” That doesn’t work for anybody and it just waists everyone’s valued time. So just let them learn the hard way. They made the choice, now they have to live with
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