Violation Of The Maxims Of Cooperative Principle

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Chapter –I

For the Degree of
Doctor of Philosophy in English (Ph. D.)

Research Topic
Violation of the Maxims of Cooperative Principle in
Samuel Beckett’s Selected Plays.

Research Student
Mr. Mundhe Ganesh Balavantrao

Research Guide
Dr. B. A. Jarange

Place of Research
Institute of Advanced Studies in English, Pune


1) Introduction
2) Rationale of the Study
3) Hypothesis
4) Review of the Research Work
5) Aims and Objectives of the Research Project
6) Data, Methodology and Techniques
7) Plan of Thesis

I) Chapter – I (Introduction)
II) Chapter – II (Theoretical Framework)
III) Chapter – III (Analysis of the play Endgame)
IV) Chapter – IV (Analysis of the play Waiting for Godot)
V) Chapter – V (Analysis of the plays Happy Days )
VI) Chapter –VI (Conclusion and pedagogical implications)

8) Scope And Limitations of the Study
9) Significance of the Study
10) Conclusion

The main aim of the present research is to study how Pragmatics works as a torch in the appreciation of literature. Pragmatics is associated with the study of meaning as communicated by a speaker and interpreted by a listener. This type of study necessarily involves the interpretation of what people mean in a particular context and how the context influences what is said. It requires a consideration of how the speakers organize what they want to say and under what circumstances. It also focuses on the social, political and ethical aspects of
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