Violation of Human Rights

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“What are human rights?” When asked this question, many people would list 2 to 3 basic rights, the ones you learn in school basically, like the right to speak freely, to eat, to have a proper education… But that is not even half of the human rights. In the early ages, they were no human rights to abide by. Every country or culture had its own regulations and rules. However, in the beginning of World War II (What are human rights par1), an idea emerged entitled “freedom”. With it came out a document that changed the world “The Universal Declaration of Human rights.” That document contained 30 rights to which all people were entitled to, therefore to live with dignity and respect in their world (Maiese par1). However, along with those rights came their violations. Throughout the years, we can really notice the crimes done against humanities which included the genocides, the torture, the rape… (Maiese par1). What the most common violations? Who are the most common victims? A person has the right to be protected from any types of intrusions into their private life, in other words, they have the right to be left alone (Parikh 1). These rights are violated when phone tapping or wiretapping are performed. Undoubtedly, we cannot look pass the benefits of these operations. They helped investigators in solving crimes and giving hard evidence in court. However, this interception of communication is heating up the debate all around the world. (Djafar 7). Not only does it deprive the
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