Violence Against Women

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Aboriginal women and girls are strong and beautiful. Unfortunately, they often face life-threatening, gender-based violence and disproportionately experience violent crimes because of hatred and racism (Fact Sheet: Violence Against Aboriginal Women , 2013). According to Statistics Canada, Aboriginal woman are three to five times more likely to experience violence than non-Aboriginal women (Fact Sheet: Violence Against Aboriginal Women , 2013). Fortunately, this frightening trend has been noticed and interventions such as the Sisters In Spirit social movement and Kanawayhitowin Campaign have been created to assist in diminishing these violent events. It is important to first explore the violence against Aboriginal women that occurs before…show more content…
The Kanawayhitowin Campaign focuses both on interventions for men and interventions for women. The men are educated on the influences and impacts of violence against women in addition to fostering a change in attitudes and beliefs. The Kanawayhitowin Campaign uses the teachings of the Seven Grandfathers to help people live in harmony with creation which focuses on wisdom, love, respect, bravery, honesty, humility, and truth (Ontario Federation of Indian Friendship Centres, 2008). This empowers Aboriginal men to take responsibility for their actions and help them chose not to abuse women. The Kanawayhitowin Campaign also provides resources for women by exemplifying different kinds of abuse, and the pattern of abuse. Aboriginal women also have access to safety planning and shelters to ensure their safety which empowers them and displays their rightful place as equal partners in the Aboriginal community. Since 2005, the Native Women’s Association of Canada’s (NWCA) Sisters In Spirit (SIS) initiative has worked to identify the root causes, trends and circumstances of violence that have led to the victimization of Aboriginal women largely resulting in disappearances or death (Toolkit: What You Need to Know, 2013). On October 4th, a vigil is held to encourage citizens to honour victims of

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