Violence Against Women Is A Women’S Health Issue Stemming

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Violence against women is a women’s health issue stemming from the cultural acceptance of the power dynamic between men and women. Specifically, men are socialized to be more powerful, commanding and assert themselves in the public sphere. While females are socialized to be more docile, reserved, obedient and to consume as little space as possible – both physically and figuratively. This mindset is something that adversely affects the health of women, taking away her autonomy, and subverting her worth. The societal norm to diminish the female leaves women vulnerable to objectification, ability to be possessed, and subsequently violence against them. With those experiencing homelessness there’s not one specific instance that resulted in…show more content…
Violence against women works to disregard women as viable members of society. Violent acts continue to marginalize women and pigeonholed them to less than desirable life circumstances that can negatively impact their health. Women seeking homelessness are less likely to frequent trips to hospitals and doctors when their concerned with the financial and physical security of their families (Silver, Pañares). Furthermore, violence in the lives of these women serves as a barrier to employment. There are social consequences with domestic violence, such as job loss, loss of job productivity, and social isolation that reinforce the pattern of violence (Silver, Pañares). Domestic violence and other violent crimes against women, put women at a disadvantage. This is especially true in vulnerable populations such as those women that are experiencing homelessness. Women are not only disadvantaged by homelessness in terms of socioeconomic standpoints, but in their mental health as well. Studies show that the lifetime rate of PTSD, major depression and substance abuse disorders are overrepresented amongst those women experiencing homelessness (Silver, Pañares). The study also showed that homeless women with serious mental illnesses are not receiving care, perhaps due to a lack of services accessible to meet mental health access. The problem with mental
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