Violence Against Women Is An Old Fashioned Practice

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Throughout the years, violence against women has become a national issue, often referred to as a “hidden epidemic” by Amnesty International, which spreads through social, cultural and ethnic areas. The cost of sexual and domestic violence creates a ripple effect throughout today’s society; for example, discrimination of race, ethnicity, and age prevents women from obtaining any form of justice. Violence against women is an old-fashioned practice, but in the last decade it finally received recognition as a serious human rights issue. Violence against women is categorized into two parts: social violence, which occurs in public places between strangers, and domestic violence, which takes place within households and usually between family members. A prevalent and particular problem area includes psychological issues; women become depressed, isolate themselves, develop sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), commit suicide, depend on drugs and alcohol, develop poor reproductive health, and become incapable of supporting their families. Men and children are at risk of becoming perpetrators due to exposure of violence within households, low education, and childhood abuse. Education plays an important role in today’s society about spreading awareness of violence against women. The World Health Organization, the Avon Foundation for Women, and Amnesty International, and the producers/authors of Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide are some of many

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